[hɒt] [hɑt]
  • 第三人称单数:hots;
  • 过去式:hotted;
  • 过去分词:hotted;
  • 现在分词:hotting;
  • 比较级:hotter;
  • 最高级:hottest;
  • 例句
    • 以下这些形容词都有"热的" 的意思
    • go hot and cold
      experience a sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, or shock 突如其来的恐惧(或焦虑、震惊)
    • have the hots for
      (informal)be sexually attracted to (非正式)对…有性欲
    • hot and bothered
    • hot and heavy
      (N. Amer. informal)intense; with intensity (北美,非正式)强烈的,剧烈的,激烈的
    • hot on the heels of
      following closely 紧随
    • hot to trot
      (informal)ready and eager to engage in an activity (非正式)急切地准备做某事
    • hot under the collar
      (informal)angry, resentful, or embarrassed (非正式)生气的;愤怒的;尴尬的
    • in hot pursuit
      following closely and eagerly 热切紧密地追求
    • in hot water
      (informal)in a situation of difficulty, trouble, or disgrace (非正式)处在困难(或麻烦、耻辱)的情境
    • make it (或 things) hot for someone
      (informal)persecute someone (非正式)迫害某人
    • hot up (或 hot something up)
      (Brit. informal)(英,非正式)become or make hot 变热,使热
    • hot and bothered【非正式用语】
      In a state of agitated excitement; flustered 激动的,兴奋的;急躁的
    • hot to trot&I{【俚语】}
      Sexually avid; lascivious. 性欲旺盛的;淫欲的 Ready and willing; eager. 主动的,愿意的;热切的
    • hot under the collar【非正式用语】
      Angry. 愤怒的
      Solar homes produce the most power on the hot sunny afternoons when everyone rushes home to turn up the air conditioner.
      The city is very hot this time of the year.
      The privacy issue has already landed Facebook in hot water in Washington.
      James hiked, fished, learnt to sail and experimented with hot air ballooning.
      It has now become a hot topic in the United States.
      Some iced coffees have as many calories as a hot dinner.
    • Adjective
      1. used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning;
      "hot stove""hot water""a hot August day""a hot stuffy room""she's hot and tired""a hot forehead"
      2. characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense;
      "the fighting became hot and heavy""a hot engagement""a raging battle""the river became a raging torrent"
      3. extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm;
      "a hot temper""a hot topic""a hot new book""a hot love affair""a hot argument"
      4. (color) bold and intense;
      "hot pink"
      5. sexually excited or exciting;
      "was hot for her""hot pants"
      6. recently stolen or smuggled;
      "hot merchandise""a hot car"
      7. very fast;
      "a blistering pace""got off to a hot start""in hot pursuit""a red-hot line drive"
      8. wanted by the police;
      "a hot suspect"
      9. performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy;
      "a hot drummer""he's hot tonight"
      10. having a piquant burning taste of spices or peppers;
      "gingery Chinese food""hot peppers""hot curry""corn chips with peppery salsa""spicy tomato sauce"
      11. very popular or successful;
      "one of the hot young talents""cabbage patch dolls were hot last season"
      12. very unpleasant or even dangerous;
      "make it hot for him""in the hot seat""in hot water"
      13. newest or most recent;
      "news hot off the press""red-hot information"
      14. having or bringing unusually good luck;
      "hot at craps""the dice are hot tonight"
      15. very good; often used in the negative;
      "he's hot at math but not so hot at history"
      16. newly made;
      "a hot scent"
      17. capable of quick response and great speed;
      "a hot sports car"
      18. having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm;
      "hot for travel"
      19. of a seeker; near to the object sought;
      "you're getting warm""hot on the trail"
      20. having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity;
      "hot fuel rods""a hot laboratory"
      21. charged or energized with electricity;
      "a hot wire""a live wire"
      22. marked by excited activity;
      "a hot week on the stock market"
    • 体育: 非凡表演的;竞技状态极好的;
      医学: 热的;含危险的放射性物的,强放射性的;
      土木工程: 热水热网;hot-water heat-supply network;
      大气科学: 热线风速表;hot-wire anemometer 应用金属电阻丝电流加热与风吹散热不断建立平衡的原理测定较小风速的仪器。;
      水产: 热熏;smoking 鱼品在50℃~70℃或90℃以上温度下短时间熏制的方法。;烘熟;denaturation, bake-burning 鲜鱼、咸鱼在较高温度和通风排湿条件不良的闷热状态下人工干燥时发生的 熟化现象。;热风干燥;air drying 用加热的流动空气干燥物料的方法。;
      法律: 违禁的;
      药学: 热;扶阳气、祛寒邪等功能的药性。;