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Other ways to say Well Done / Words of Encouragement其他方式来表达“做得好”/那些鼓励的话

Great job!做得好!

That’s great!棒极了!


Way to go!干得漂亮!





Perfectly done.做的很完美!

You’re a genius.你真是个天才!



Really great!真的很棒!

Excellent work!优秀的工作!

You’ve mastered it!你已经掌握了!

Super job!杰出的工作!

You’ve done so well!你做得这么好!

You’re a natural!你是个天才!

You’re a star!你是个明星!


I’m impressed!我印象深刻!

You’ve got this!你做到了!

You make it look easy!你让它看起来轻而易举!

You rock!真棒!

Keep up the good work!继续这么工作!

I knew you could do it!我知道你一定可以的!

I couldn’t have done it better myself.我做得再好不过了!

That’s the way to do it!就是那样做的!

Encouraging phrases for kids鼓励孩子们的短语

I’m so proud of you.我为你骄傲。

You’ve done so well.你做得很棒。

I knew you could do it!我知道你一定可以!

You’ve done yourself proud.你做得让人为你自豪。

You’re getting better every day.你每天都在变得更好。

How did you get so good at that?你怎么做得那么好?

Good girl / boy.好女孩/好男孩。

You must have been practicing.你一定练习了很多遍。

Who taught you that?谁教你的?

How did you learn to do that?你怎么学会做的?

I’m so impressed!给我留下了深刻的印象!

I didn’t know you could do that!我不知道你竟然可以做到!

Encouraging phrases for students鼓励学生的短语

If they’re doing well, and you want them to carry on:如果他们做得很好,你希望他们继续下去:

Well done!做得好!

Great work!做得棒!

Good job!做得好!

Keep up the good work!保持好工作!

You’ve really got this!你真的做到了!

I’m really impressed with your progress.我真的对你的进步印象深刻。

You’ve been doing excellent work.你一直做得很出色。

You’ve come such a long way!你真的突飞猛进!

If they’re struggling but you don’t want them to feel demotivated:如果他们过得很挣扎,但你不想让他们感到沮丧:

Hang in there.坚持住。

Don’t give up.别放弃。

Keep going.继续坚持。

You can do it!你可以做到的!

This is really hard, but you’re doing really well.这真的很难,但是你做得很好。

It’s really great that you’re still trying.你还在努力,真是太棒了。

Keep working on it, you’re improving.继续努力,你正在进步。

Keep going, you’re almost there.继续加油,你马上就达到了。

You’re getting better and better.你做得越来越好。

You’re on track!你走上正轨。

You’ve done really well so far, don’t give up now!到目前为止,你做得很好,不要放弃!

Everyone was a beginner once, but it’s the people who keep going who become experts.每个人曾经都是初学者,但是继续深造的人就成了专家。

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try – you’ve already done half the work just by keeping on trying.每一个成就都来自于尝试的决定——在不断地尝试中,你已经做好了一半的工作。

Mistakes are proof you’re trying.错误是你努力的证明。

A little progress each day adds up to big results.每天进步一点点就会产生巨大的效果。

Remember where you were last month, and last year. Look at how far you’ve come.记得上个月和去年你在哪里。看看你走了多远。

If they haven’t started something yet, and you want to encourage them to try:如果他们还没有开始做什么,你想鼓励他们去尝试:

Give it a try!试一试吧!

Go for it!放手去做!

It’s worth a shot!值得一试!

You can do this!你可以做到的!

What are you waiting for?你在等什么?

What do you have to lose?你在纠结什么?

Believe in yourself because I believe in you.相信自己,因为我相信你。

You won’t know until you try.除非你尝试,否则你不会知道。

The first step is always the hardest.万事开头难。

If you make mistakes, all the better – that’s how you learn!如果你犯错,那就更好了——你就是这样学习的!

This is only your first try. No one gets it right first time, but you have to start to get better.这只是你的第一次尝试。没有人第一次就做得很好,但你必须得由开始然后变得更好。

It may not be perfect this time, but next time it will be better.这次可能不是完美的,但下一次会更好。

No one’s perfect so I never expect perfection.没有人是完美的,所以我从不期待完美。

No one’s judging you.没有人在评判你。

Words of encouragement for a Friend鼓励朋友的话语

To show they have your support:来展示你在支持他们:

I’m here for you.我一直在这里。

I’ve got your back.我支持你。

Whatever happens, I’ll support you.不管发生什么事,我都支持你。

I’m behind you 100%.我百分之百顶你。

You can always count on me.你可以永远信赖我。

Call me whenever you need anything.你什么时候有任何需要,就打电话给我。

Count on my support.我会支持你。

Lean on me if you need to.如果你需要,依靠我。

You’re doing a great job at life – keep going.你在生活中做得很好,继续前进。

I’m still cheering for you.我还在为你加油。

To encourage them to do something they’re scared to do:鼓励他们做一些他们害怕做的事情:

Follow your dreams.追随你的梦想。

I believe in you.我信任你。

Reach for the stars.获得成功。

The sky is the limit.你的前途无可限量。

If anyone can do it, you can.如果任何人都能做到,你也可以做到。

You’re the only person who knows exactly what your potential is.你是唯一知道你的潜力的人。

You’ve already proved yourself.你已经证明了你自己。

No one can hold you back more than yourself.除了你自己,没有人能够阻挡你。

You’ll never know until you try.除非你尝试,否则你永远不会知道。

You’ve got this.你已经明白了。

You inspire me.你鼓舞了我。

Look how far you’ve already come. Imagine looking back in a few years and seeing how far you’ll have gone by then.看看你已经走了多远。想象一下,在几年后回顾,看看你那时会走多远。

Take it one day at a time. Small achievements every day will lead to one big achievement in a little while.一天一次。每天的小成就会在一段时间内成为一个伟大的成就。

Encouraging phrases for Work工作上鼓励的话语

To thank your co-workers for their hard work:[/en]感谢同事们的辛勤工作:

[en]You inspire me.


If everyone worked like you we’d all be millionaires by now!如果每个人都像你一样工作,我们现在都是百万富翁了!

I don’t know what we’d do without you.我不知道没有你我们该怎么办。

You’re a gem!你是个很有价值的人!

You’re a diamond!你像宝石一样充满价值!

I couldn’t have asked for a better co-worker.我再也找不到一个更好的同事了。

I’ve seen how hard you’ve been working, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it.我已经看到你工作有多辛苦了,我想让你知道我很感激。

You make this company a better place.因为有你,这家公司变得更加美好。

To raise moral during a difficult period:在困难时期鼓舞大家:

This is a tough time, but we can’t give up now.这是一个艰难的时刻,但我们现在不能放弃。

It’s been really hard recently, but your hard work will pay off.最近很辛苦,但是你的努力会有回报的。

We’re working towards something that will really make a difference. Focus on that.我们正朝着真正有意义的方向努力。重点放在这一点上。

You’re all doing so well. I couldn’t ask for better co-workers.你们都做得很好。我再也找不到更好的同事。

We’re almost where we need to be and that’s thanks to you.我们就要达到我们需要达成的目标,这要感谢你们。

We couldn’t have come this far without each and every one of you, and we can’t give up now.没有你们每个人,我们不可能走得这么远,我们现在不能放弃。

We’re on track for success, we just have to keep going.我们正在走向成功,我们必须继续前进。

Encouraging phrases for employees激励员工的短语

If they’re already doing well:如果他们真的做的很好:

This team only works because each element of the team works. Well done to each and every one of you.这个团队只有在每个成员都认真工作时,才能做的很好。所以你们每一个人都做得很棒。

I couldn’t be more impressed with the work you’ve been doing.我对你做的工作印象十分深刻。

I couldn’t have chosen better people to work with.我找不到更好的人一起工作了。

Look how far you’ve come in such a short space of time. Well done.看看你在这么短的时间里走了多远。做得好。

I want to thank you for the hard work you’ve been putting in recently.我要感谢你最近一直在努力工作。

Your hard work is really paying off!你的努力真的得到了回报!

You’ve been making a really significant contribution to the work we’ve been doing here.你对我们在这里所做的工作做出了巨大的贡献。

You’ve done me proud with the work you’ve been doing.你使我为你所做的工作感到骄傲。

If they need to do better:如果他们需要做得更好:

If we make a few improvements, we could really make a difference.如果我们做一些改进,我们真的可以改变。

We’re not far from success, so if each person gives a little bit more, we’ll get there.我们离成功不远,所以如果每个人多付出一点,我们就会成功。

We’ve come so far, but we still have a long way to go so I really need each one of you to give it your all.我们已经走了这么远,但我们还有很长的路要走,所以我真的需要你们每个人付出一切。

I’m so impressed by your dedication, and we’re on the right path, but we need to improve in a few areas.你们的奉献给我留下了深刻的印象,我们走在正确的道路上,但我们需要在一些领域有所改进。

Let’s talk about what I can do to help you work better.让我们谈谈我能做些什么来帮助你更好地工作。

We’re almost there but we need to tweak a few details to make the most of what we’ve got.我们快到了,但是我们需要调整一些细节来充分利用我们所拥有的东西。

You’re doing really well but I think you could do even better.你做得很好了,但我认为你可以做得更好。

Show us what you’ve got. Prove to yourself that you can do it.给我们看看你有什么。向自己证明你能做到这一点。

I think you’ve got more to give.我认为你还能做更多的事。

We’ve been underestimating you, and for that, I apologise. But you need to give us more.我们一直低估你,为此,我道歉。但你需要为我们付出更多。