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What are some great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly?觉得学习质量很差?有哪些行之有效的学习方法可供推荐?

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Space out your studying efforts.两次努力学习之间要留有间隔。

Create a study schedule.建立自己的学习日程表。

Have a specific goal for every study session.每个学习部分都要有一个明确的目标。

Organize your academic material efficiently.规划好你的学习材料以便高效利用。

Maintain high levels of physical health.拥有健康体魄。

Create or join a homework group.成立或加入课外学习小组

Take notes during class instruction.做好课堂笔记。

Maintain your study area.整理好自己的学习环境。

Split up large chunks of study material into manageable pieces.将大体量的学习任务分解成可控的小环节。

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Study tip #1. Get your mind fully on board.学习建议一:保持元气满满的状态。

Study tip #2. Tackle what’s most important and most difficult early.学习建议二:尽早攻克最重要和最难的部分。

Study tip #3. Use your time more efficiently with a timer.学习建议三:使用计时器,更有效率地利用时间。

Study tip#4. Use your notes as a perfect study tool. 学习建议四:笔记是最棒的学习工具。

Study tip#5. Teach what you learn.学习建议五:将所学教给别人。