[ˈɔ:də(r)] [ˈɔrdə(r)]
  • 复数:orders;
  • 第三人称单数:orders;
  • 过去式:ordered;
  • 过去分词:ordered;
  • 现在分词:ordering;
  • 例句
    • 以下这些名词均包含 "命令" 的意思
    • 以下这些动词均含有"命令" 的意思
    • by order
      according to directions given by the proper authority 奉命;按照…的指示
    • in order
      according to a particular sequence 按顺序 in the correct condition for operation or use 整齐,井然有序 in accordance with the rules of procedure at a meeting, legislative assembly, etc. 符合会议规程的
    • in order for
      so that 为了
    • in order to do something
      with the purpose of doing something 为了,以便
    • of the order of
      approximately 大约 (Mathematics)having the order of magnitude specified by (数)大小级次,数量级;绝对值的大小,绝对值的阶
    • Order!
      (亦作Order! Order!)a call for silence or the observance of the prescribed procedures by someone in charge of a meeting, legislative assembly, etc. 秩序!安静!(会议、议会等主持人用语)
    • order arms
      (Military)hold a rifle with its butt on the ground close to one's right side (军)持枪立正
    • order of battle
      the units, formations, and equipment of a military force (军队的)队形,序列
    • orders are orders
      commands must be obeyed, however much one may disagree with them 命令就是命令
    • order to view
      (Brit.)an estate agent's request to an occupier to allow inspection of their premises by a client (英)(购房前的)看房许可证
    • out of order
      (of an electrical or mechanical device) not working properly or at all (电器,机械设备)坏的,有故障的 not in the correct sequence 次序错误的 not according to the rules of a meeting, legislative assembly, etc. 违反会议(或议会等)程序的
    • in order that
      So that. 为了
    • in order to
      For the purpose of. 为……的目的
    • in short order
      With no delay; quickly. 快的:迅速的;不延搁的
      To what extent are Americans really willing to endure the environmental impacts of domestic energy production in order to cut back imports?
      In order to describe human beings he should keep the palm of his hand at a right angle to the floor.
      Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, cancelled a conference in Las Vegas in order to avoid seeming wasteful.
      In Ruth Milkman's opinion, many assembly line workers did home renovation and other skilled work in their off-hours in order to regain their dignity.
      They are afraid the normal social order will be paralyzed
      Those control desks are a special order.
    • Noun
      1. (often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed;
      "the British ships dropped anchor and waited for orders from London"
      2. a degree in a continuum of size or quantity;
      "it was on the order of a mile""an explosion of a low order of magnitude"
      3. established customary state (especially of society);
      "order ruled in the streets""law and order"
      4. logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements;
      "we shall consider these questions in the inverse order of their presentation"
      5. a condition of regular or proper arrangement;
      "he put his desk in order""the machine is now in working order"
      6. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge);
      "a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"
      7. a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities;
      "IBM received an order for a hundred computers"
      8. a formal association of people with similar interests;
      "he joined a golf club""they formed a small lunch society""men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today"
      9. a body of rules followed by an assembly
      10. (usually plural) the status or rank or office of a Christian clergyman in an ecclesiastical hierarchy;
      "theologians still disagree over whether `bishop' should or should not be a separate order"
      11. a group of person living under a religious rule;
      "the order of Saint Benedict"
      12. (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more families
      13. a request for food or refreshment (as served in a restaurant or bar etc.);
      "I gave the waiter my order"
      14. (architecture) one of original three styles of Greek architecture distinguished by the type of column and entablature used or a style developed from the original three by the Romans
      15. putting in order;
      "there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list"
    • Verb
      1. give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority;
      "I said to him to go home""She ordered him to do the shopping""The mother told the child to get dressed"
      2. make a request for something;
      "Order me some flowers""order a work stoppage"
      3. issue commands or orders for
      4. bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations;
      "We cannot regulate the way people dress""This town likes to regulate"
      5. bring order to or into;
      "Order these files"
      6. place in a certain order;
      "order these files"
      7. appoint to a clerical posts;
      "he was ordained in the Church"
      8. arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events, etc.;
      "arrange my schedule""set up one's life""I put these memories with those of bygone times"
      9. assign a rank or rating to;
      "how would you rank these students?""The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
    • 体育: 次序;比赛顺序;
      动物学: 目;
      医学: 目:分类学的一个等级,低于纲,高于科,见taxon;
      哲学: 有序;
      地质学: 有序;
      数学: 定货;序, 又称 :序(ordering );次, 又称:序(ordering );
      昆虫学: 目;
      植物学: 目;
      法律: 订货单;判令;责令;裁定;法令;秩序;定作;裁定书;订购;预约;
      物理学: 有序无序转变: order-disorder transition;
      自动化: 有序;